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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday. "We have all the grounds to believe that everything will be successful and take place on poe currency buy a high level."While Germany are resting their senior players for the tournament, the Confederations Cup will benefit from the star appeal of Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo.Hosts Russia, who drew with Copa America champions.




Chile 1-1 in a friendly last week, slipped to a record low 63rd in FIFA world rankings this month. (Reporting by Moscow Newsroom; Editing by Alison Williams) FIFA to clamp down on mobbing of refs at Confederations Cup | Daily Mail Online.




ZURICH, June 15 (Reuters) - Soccer's governing body FIFA promised on Thursday to take steps to stop what it called the mobbing of referees during the Confederations Cup in Russia this month as part of its so-called "play fair" initiative.FIFA formally launched the initiative jointly with the game's law-making body IFAB on Thursday as part of a strategy "focusing on improving fairness and the image of the game," it said in a statement.Football is often compared unfavourably to other sports because of the behaviour of the players.




Remonstrating with referees and surrounding The best brand match officials to protest decisions, known as "mobbing", is common, along with play-acting, time-wasting and other forms of gamesmanship.YouTube has a number of clips of referees being attacked or chased off the pitch by irate players."