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Customized thermal plate

TP-F Processless thermal CTP Plate
Product introduction
Starlight TP-F is a new green printing plate suitable for thermal CTP plate-setters. There is no need of any processing steps before mounting exposed plates on press.
Compatible with any dominant devices in the market;
Can be printed directly on the machine without any processing steps after scanning by thermal CTP plate setter;
High quality aluminum substrate, professional coating formulation;
Good dot reproduction, stable performance, wide processing latitude;
Long stability of latent image, can be stored at least a week after plate-making;
Negative non-ablation photosensitive system;
TP-S Product Technical Specifications
TypeNon-ablation thermal negative-type
PlatesetterVarious dominant thermal platesetters in the market
The period of latent image stabilization≤7 days
The paper numbers of start-up< 50 sheets
ProcessingWithout processing, directly on press
SubstrateElectrolyte and anodized Al substrate
Spectrum scope800-850nm
Low-energy imaging130-150mj/cm2
Recommended screen method1%-99%@200lpi AM/20u FM and mixture
Safety light1hour under fluorescent lamp (no direct irradiation with natural light), 4 hours under yellow light
Run length100000 impressions, actual run length depends on printing conditions
Product specification:
Can be arbitrary custom specifications
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