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Heavy Duty Lubrication Oil

As an important mate of machines, a good lubricant for machines is reliable guarantee to produce good product and have high performance. Rolitone is professional on metal working fluids, oil equipment, metal cleaning agents, rust-proof material research and special lubricant, production and technical support. Rolitone has over 12 years experience in providing specific proposal for different customer requirements by systemic R & D team and advantage technology.
Rolitone R & D team is led by a Doctor and most of members have over 10 years experience in lubricant. Tens of IPs are our identification of leading in this industry in China. Rolitone is dedicated to providing good quality, reliable and environmental products, and also to provide professional technical service

With a full range of core chemical technology advantages and formulations, combined with being situated in the Chinese manufacturing industry, continuous technological integration, practice and innovation,  Our factory  has won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise",“Most popular Chinese industrial lubricants brand ",and many other honorary titles."maximum efficiency and minimum waste!" The idea put forward in the field of fine chemicals industrial lubricants described as the head start. We not only sell the best cost-effective lubrication products, and continue to bring customers the latest lubrication concepts, product market competition unique. It passed the testing and certification authority over the units, such as ISO9001 quality management system certification, CTI, SGS, "ROHS" detection. Uphold the concept of environmental protection and improve the "green" competitive product mix for the sustainable development of China's modern manufacturing silently help.

Our company is a leader in the development of lubricant and has become a pioneer of water based lubrication technology in China!

Rolitone slip products according to the production needs of users personalized deploy production, after years of exploration form of raw materials, product quality control, timely delivery and customer tracking service the whole process of management, good performance and quality of the product stability, among the obvious in 2006, successfully entered foreign markets, renowned overseas, exports grew steadily year after year..Heavy Duty Lubrication Oil