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Samsung, for the second time in U.S.Robbies last year...Targeting 5G equipment and responding to Trump's foot protection trade

Samsung`s lobbying activities in the U.S. last year amounted to 3.12 million U.S. dollars, the second in its history. It seems that Trump's administration tried to expand its presence in the fifth generation mobile telecommunication equipment market by responding to increased protectionist trade measures and taking advantage of a slump in Chinese businesses due to last year's trade friction between the U.S. and China.

According to CRP and industries, which are private organizations that specialize in tracking and investigating political funds in the U.S., Samsung spent a total of 3.12 million dollars in lobbying funds through Samsung Electronics' local corporate and law firms last year.

This is a 10.8 percent decrease from the highest lobbying amount of $3.5 million (3.9 billion KRW) in 2017 when the Trump administration was inaugurated. Among the companies and associations in the U.S., it ranked ninth in the list of companies that spent the most money for lobbying. This figure is two steps higher than last year's.

Microsoft (71.8 million dollars), Qualcomm (6 million dollars), Oracle (5.47 million dollars), Apple (5.09 million dollars), IBM (39.55 million dollars), the Entertainment Software Association (33.84 million dollars), Consumer Electronics Association (36.3 million dollars), and Siemens (3150,000 dollars).

Only German company Siemens has spent more money on lobbying than Samsung.실시간야동 Intel ($3.07 million), Hewlett-Packard ($320,000), and Dell ($2.78 million) followed.

Samsung's lobbying activities in the U.S. have increased significantly since the Trump administration.

The amount of lobbying activities (66.26 million dollars) for the first two years since the inauguration of the Trump administration has easily surpassed the Obama administration's (6.64 million dollars) for four years (2013-2016).

Samsung has been actively lobbying for trade and trade. Among 81 lobbying activities related to trade and trade, 13 were involved.

Second, there were 10 issues that were heavily lobbying by telecommunication. The number of telecommunication issues that stood at seventh place in terms of number of cases jumped to second place last year.

Industries are predicting that Samsung Electronics was trying to increase its dominance in 5G telecommunication equipment markets and seek opportunities for these businesses while Chinese telecommunication equipment businesses such as Huawei and ZTE were hesitant due to intensifying trade friction between the U.S. and China.

Samsung Electronics' market share in global telecommunication equipment markets was around 5% until 2017 but has risen to about 11% in second quarter of last year based on market research company Delo.

However, compared to Huawei (28.9 percent), its presence in markets is still weak.

Samsung Electronics selected 5G telecommunication equipment as one of four future growth businesses last year. Vice-Chairman Lee Jae-yong of Samsung Electronics visited production lines of 5G network communication equipment at Suwon Business Complex in Gyeonggi Province as his first on-site management in 2016. Vice-Chairman Lee reiterated importance of 5G business by saying that it needs to develop competitive edge as a challenger in 5G markets that will be newly opened.

ZTE, which was subject to the U.S. government sanctions last year, spent 2.23 million dollars in lobbying funds, the eighth-largest in telecommunications services. Huawei spent only $120,000 on lobbying for telecommunication equipment.