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the ugly deal of the National Assembly and the courthouse hidden by Rep. Son Hye-won.

If you search for "Son Hye-won" in the JoongAng Ilbo from Jan. 15 to 21, there will be 238 articles on the magazine. If you search 'Seoyeonggyo' during the same period, there are 112 Jihad articles. Most of these articles have been "bumped" by Rep. Sohn Hye-won of the main opposition Minjoo Party. Seo Young-kyo, a lawmaker of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, dealt a fatal blow to the ruling party's morality, which has been insisting on judicial reform. In common sense, Suh`s problem is much more serious than the controversy over Sohn Hye-won`s real estate purchase, which has turned into a conflict of interest among public officials. However, the report is exactly the opposite. 

According to the prosecution`s additional indictment of Lim Jong-heon, former deputy chief of the court administration, who was submitted to the court on April 15, Seo requested the trial through Lim. In December 2014, Seo called a judge who was dispatched to the National Assembly to ask for his son's protection at the request of his acquaintance to be tried for attempted coercion. Judge Kim Myung-kae sent an e-mail to Lim in May 2015, and Lim delivered it to the head of the Seoul Northern District Court. 

Those who had been punished for indecent acts were convicted of attempted extortion, but were fined 5 million won. It was a low sentence given that he tried to lower his pants in front of a female victim who was returning home. Seo's actions could be in violation of the National Assembly's duty to maintain the dignity of Article 2 of the Law on Ethics Practice, the duty of Integrity in Article 3, and the prohibition of abuse of authority in Article 4. Former Justice Party lawmaker Seo Eui-ho said, It is not a simple request. It can be seen as an accomplice of abuse of authority." 

However, the Democratic Party has not decided to punish Suh. The ruling party, which has been criticizing the Supreme Court's judicial discipline, has been한국야동 criticized for taking easy measures against allegations of soliciting court administration officials. Earlier, the main opposition Minjoo Party criticized former Supreme Court chief justice Yang Seung-tae, who is at the center of the judiciary branch, saying, "I apologize to the public and wait for legal action," but Seo told Seo Young-kyo, a member of the parliamentary Legislation and Judiciary Committee, that he could burden the party and the judiciary reform. The JoongAng Ilbo criticized this in an editorial on Wednesday, saying, "There is no choice but to feel empty about the "Chunpung Pung Pung Pung Pung" (meaning generosity to others and strictness to me) that the ruling party claims." 

Rep. Seo Young-kyo's problem was caused by the Democratic Party. In June 2016, Seo Young-kyo was under fire for hiring her own daughter as an intern, her younger brother as a fifth secretary, her older brother as treasurer and receiving 1 million won a month in the name of sponsorship from her aide. At that time, the Democratic Party decided to impose heavy punishment, and Suh was reinstated in September of 2017 after leaving the party a day before deciding to punish him. Following the decision to reinstate the ruling party, the main opposition Democratic Party reacted passively to the case, and thus undermined the authority of the ruling party. 
"The nature of the case is that four former and incumbent lawmakers, including Rep. Seo Young-kyo, were involved in the case, and as the editorial of the Hankook Ilbo on the 17th, the court's abuse of judicial administrative power and the sense of privileges in the National Assembly are a bad precedent." Rep. Jeon Byeong-heon of the then New Cheongchong Democratic Party asked for the early release of his aide who was sentenced to prison for violating the Political Fund Law, and Rep. Lee Kun-hyun and Roh Chul-rae of the ruling Saenuri Party asked for legal advice regarding the trial in which they were indicted. This "context" is included in the fact that the Liberty Korea Party is pouring fire into Rep. Son Hye-won rather than Rep. Seo Young-kyo. 

"It is a typical double standard to lukewarmly deal with Suh's issue, and we need to face up to the fact that we can remove the power of judicial reform and rationalize the resistance of opposition forces," Han said in an editorial on the 19th. The Korean daily newspaper said in an editorial on Wednesday that the responses between the two parties are strangely calm. "The criticism that the deal was ugly in the National Assembly and the court seems to be waiting to be abated."