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Rhyu Si-min's Official Letter to the Public Opinion Review Committee

Rhyu Si-min of Roh Moo-hyun Foundation the next presidential poll to lose themselves in as National Election Poll Standards Commission sent an official letter of 21.It was known as. 

"Chairman Yoo sent an official letter to the National Election Commission (NEC) on the 14th and asked them not to include him in the next presidential poll conducted by the media and polling agencies," said an official of the National Election Commission. 

According to the NEC, not a few individuals in the past have asked the National Election Commission to include themselves or exclude them from the poll of presidential candidates. As a result, the committee reportedly started an internal discussion by reviewing related regulations.야설 "We understand that there is no provision in the deliberation committee that allows us to intervene in or enforce the selection of presidential candidates by the media and polling agencies," said an official of the NEC. 

Previously, Yoo dismissed the rumor of his return to politics at the podcast "Gocilo," expressing his discomfort over being included in the presidential candidate's poll. At that time, he said, "I'm embarrassed to see the situation as the next presidential candidate," adding, "I think it might be a joke on our politics and distorting the process of forming public opinion by putting people in the polls who would not even be considered the next presidential candidate."