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China "If we blame ourselves, we will miss our chance to reduce fine dust in Korea."

The Chinese government advised Korea to make efforts to resolve the fine dust issue on its own, rather than just blaming China. He reaffirmed his stance that Korea's어덜비 fine dust belongs to Korea after claiming that Seoul's fine dust was mostly emitted from Seoul last month.

According to China's state-run Xinhua News Agency, Liu Bingjiang, director general of China's Environment and Atmospheric Administration, told a monthly news briefing on Wednesday, "If we blindly blame others for influencing us, we will miss a golden opportunity to reduce fine dust." This means that smog from China has nothing to do with fine dust from Korea.

Liu noted that China's air quality is improving based on such claims. "While the quality of Chinese air has improved more than 40 percent in recent years, the quality of Korean air has either remained the same or even deteriorated," he said. "What should I say about this?" If Korea's fine dust is due to China's atmosphere, it means that the Korean atmosphere should be improved as China's atmosphere improves, but not as a result.

In relation to this, China has shown a 40 percent reduction in pollutants in the air from 2013 to last year when the central government announced a drastic measure to reduce air pollution. 

Earlier, Chinese Ministry spokesman Yu Yeo-woo-bin said in a briefing, "Seoul's fine dust is mostly emitted from Seoul," causing resistance from Korean netizens.