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Housewife's new drug-smuggling route... "No airport search"

"Just put it in your underwear and carry it to Korea."

A 58-year-old housewife, who went on a free tour of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in July 2017, was visited by a strange woman. The woman handed out a small envelope wrapped in black tape. It contained 200g of methamphetamine. The first time was difficult, but then it was easy. Since then, Kim has traveled to Cambodia five times and carried a whopping 5 kilograms of methamphetamine. He even spent about 3 million won every time on a trip to Cambodia. Later, he was advised to take courses in drug classification and to sell drugs in Korea. Only then did I want to quit, but the dragnet had already been narrowed.

The Seoul Western Police Agency said on Sunday that it arrested 43 people including Kim, a housewife, and Han (58) who had imported more than 6 kilograms of methamphetamine from Cambodia for three years from 2016, 사설경마and arrested 14 of them on charges of violating the drug control law. 

What attracts the attention is that the Han family tried to aggressively sell Kim and other housewives. When Han received orders for methamphetamine in Korea, he secretly brought in the phylophone from Cambodia and hid it at the place of trading. At that time, 12 housewives in their 30s and 60s were used as transportation vehicles in Korea.

Ordinary housewives are less likely to be suspected if they visit a country many times, and if they hide their methamphetamine in their underwear, it is difficult to get red-handed. In fact, during a police investigation, housewives reportedly said that they did not search the airport separately. In addition, as men's transport and sales policies collapsed due to the police's close investigation network, the recruitment of housewives has been accelerated. The bait was a three-million-won fee, round-trip ticket, and a free trip. In order to turn the transportation policy into a sales policy, the two housewives were called to Cambodia and educated separately.

These housewives arrested by police are reportedly denying the charges. I've heard it's just for sightseeing. It was said to be carrying industrial diamonds. However, the police are more likely to join the group on purpose. "There have been times when we carried drugs without knowing what it was before, but now we rarely see such a case because of continuous genealogical activities," a police official said. "I'm sure you knew enough that even the envelope was not an industrial diamond." 

After arresting Lee (46), the head of sales in Korea, and Choi (43), the head of sales in the Seoul metropolitan area, in April last year, the police expanded their investigation and arrested Han along with Interpol and the Cambodian police. At the time of the arrest of Lee and Choi, the methamphetamine was 380 grams (12,673 people) that could be injected at the same time. Police are planning to expand their investigation to Cambodia's local provider of methamphetamine.