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A person can be a professional investor if he or she has 50 million won.

From the second half of this year, the requirement to become a private investor will be greatly eased. If a person becomes a professional investor, he or she will receive less variety of regulations such as unlimited investment in over-the-counter derivatives and cloud funds. It can freely invest in high-risk, high-return financial instruments such as venture companies and private equity funds. In addition, a new investment brokerage company (the medium-term investment brokerage) will be introduced to help finance small businesses.

Financial authorities expect that the establishment of a mid-term investment brokerage company will create an "explanatory capital virtuous circle" that will benefit investors by injecting funds into venture and small businesses. However, with the decline in the number of individual investors, some say that financial institutions are concerned about the negative side effects such as incomplete sales.

It's easier to become a professional investor.

Choi Jong-koo, chairman of the Financial Services Commission, visited Aha Information Communication, an electronic board manufacturer based in Incheon, and announced the following measures for innovation in the capital market. Among the 12 reform tasks proposed by the Financial Services Commission in November last year to promote the growth of innovative companies, the two measures include easing requirements for specialized investors and introducing medium-term investment brokerages.

The Financial Services Commission has decided to announce a plan to drastically lower the entry threshold for individual professional investors within this month. Currently, professional investors must meet the requirements of more than 100 million won in annual income or 1 billion won in total assets, with the balance of financial investment worth more than 500 million won.

However, if the balance of financial instruments is more than 50 million won from now on, one can become a professional investor only if one of the two requirements is met: households with an annual income of more than 100 million won, households with a combined income of 150 million won or more, and households with more than 500 million won in net assets, excluding housing. However, they exclude ultra-low-risk products such as government bonds and money market funds (MMF) from financial instruments that qualify. The move is aimed at granting a professional investor status to individuals who make a certain amount of risky investments.

It also decided to open its doors to those who possess national certificates such as appraisers, taxists, lawyers, accountants, and others who cannot be professional investors, and those who work for financial investment companies.

The Financial Services Commission estimated that there are between 370,000 and 390,000 individuals who can become new professional investors. As of the end of last year, only 2,648 individual investors are expected to increase significantly.

Specialist investors can make unlimited investments in non-listed stocks, bonds with a credit rating below BB, private equity funds, and derivatives backed by principal and interest. To protect investors, however, brokerages will be fined up to 100 million won for unsound operations involving professional investors.온라인경마

It will also be easy to set up a financial firm that will help finance small and medium- The Financial Services Commission decided to add a new private equity investment brokerage in the Capital Market Act within the first quarter of this year. If it meets certain requirements such as capital of 500 million won or more, total amount of assets of less than 100 billion won, and two or more professionals, it can establish medium-term investment brokerage companies.

Mid-term investment brokerage firms specialize in brokerage and distribution of private equity securities by small and medium-sized companies. It is allowed to carry out work that involves consulting on restructuring such as acquisition of assets or mergers and acquisitions, and to broker, arrange, and arrange loans.

The government plans to restrict the ownership of medium-term investment brokerage firms to 20 percent. If funds raised by a large investment bank (IB) through a medium-term investment brokerage company are invested in small and medium-sized companies, the amount can be recognized as corporate financial assets.

"The effect of attracting large amounts of money from individuals to the capital market will be huge if the system becomes active," said an IB industry insider.